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Human Geography Homework Ideas For Lazy Students

Homework assignments are intended to help students learn, but we all know it’s impossible to reap the benefits when a student doesn’t complete or even start them. We’re often caught between wanting to be harsh on a “lazy” student and the need to get them to learn something.

In general, the best way to get a lazy student to learn is to either assign an easy project or a fun one. Here is a group of tasks each designed to build upon the previous work, slowly but surely. Doing this not only makes the student feel like learning is easy, they will have to keep paying at least minimal attention in order to enjoy themselves.

  1. Start by having the student simply define some key terms. Knowing how easy this should be will get the student to say “ok, I can do this quickly,” you know before they play three important hours of video games! In the process, they will hopefully become engaged in the subject matter. Some great broad terms to define are Geography, Culture, Development, Economy, Public Health, History, Politics, Populations, Settlements, etc.
  2. Build on this by then assigning one of the terms for each student to further research and divide into subcategories (e.g. Settlements: urban geography, urban planning, infrastructure, population density etc.). Note: Keep to a certain list of broad topics and assign the same term to more than one student, so those assigned to the same term can talk to each other about it.
  3. Next step, have the student create a card game or board game about their term. Not only will this give the slacker student another opportunity to look up at least one term, he/she will also have fun creating a game on a subject that is so broad it’ll be nearly impossible to mess up!
  4. Finally, break the class up into teams based on their word assignment and have each team play another student’s board game for a class period. Do this until every group has played a game based on each of the other original words. When it’s over, everyone will have learned about each of these important topics enough to form a basis for future knowledge

Now you’ve got everyone having fun and learning too! It’s almost like you tricked those lazy students into learning, and maybe they’ll even thank you for it later!

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