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Should You Only Limit Yourself To The Use of Online Resources When Doing Your Psychology Homework?

With advanced technology and having everything virtually online now, most students would answer this question by saying yes. Well, those students would be wrong. While it should be expected that many of the resources available will be online, such as academic journals, papers, and various other publications, there are still other resources that are available in print that can be used for psychology homework. Think about it, why would you want to limit yourself to just one kind of resource?

Online Resources

As mentioned, there are many online resources available for students to get assistance with their psychology homework. Take a look at some that are available:

  • Forums- These are usually free and give students to ask others in the field of psychology their views or for explanations to things they do not understand.
  • Dedicated websites- these sites are dedicated to the specific topic and are often broken down into sub-categories. Keep in mind that these sites will cover the basics and do not usually go in-depth. However, you can find definitions and theories on these sites which may be great study materials.
  • Publications- Academic studies, journals, and articles are all available online now. Students will have access to such items through their student library account.

Offline Resources

Contrary to popular belief, not everything can be found online. There is something to be said about the element of finding offline resources to assist with homework assignments. Here are some of those resources:

  • Study groups- These are a great way to get together with fellow students and work on homework together. Pick each other’s brains for ideas and concepts.
  • Private tutoring- This has the same benefits as a study group; the only difference is that you are getting personalized attention.
  • Books- Psychology dates back decades and there are a handful of books by famous theorists that are only available in print. These books can give incredible insight to different theories and findings; one more reason why old books should not be discarded.

Combine Resources

If you want stellar grades on your psychology homework, the best thing to do is to combine these two resources so you get the best of both worlds. Hold weekly homework sessions with a handful of classmates and bring some studies referencing the current topic that you found online. Once you enter the real world after college you will be expected to use a combination of tactics to get a job done so you may as well get accustom to doing it now.

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Online Resources

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